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Noveos are the developers and suppliers of the widely endorsed Noveos Practice Manager software suite, written specifically for professional practices delivering consultancy services related to construction - including architects, engineers, surveyors, archaeologists, planning and environmental consultants.


The suite is intuitively easy to use, and incorporates solutions to real-world practice challenges included in the system’s development through our continuous dialogue with users.


The NPM Difference

Our clients tell us that, in the current persistently challenging business climate, focused management and excellent client service make the difference between expansion and bare survival.  Time and again, they've been able to make that difference with Noveos Practice Manager - despite often difficult trading conditions.


Choose an NPM version for your budget and practice needs

NPM is designed to match differing practice requirements and focus, so you can choose from 3 increasingly powerful edition levels:


Essentials- Replaces manual or spreadsheets based job costing & invoicing

Standard– Delivers insight and monitoring for improved operational effectiveness

Plus – Provides a platform for broader, long-term business strategies and control


The upgrade path through these levels is pain and price-penalty free, simply start at an appropriate level and move up as and when your needs determine.


We are so confident you'll be able to run your practice better that we back this belief with a money-back guarantee!


Uniquely affordable

Our licence and pricing model reduces initial outlay, and adjusts to match changes in practice size, so there's no need to pay for licences that you don’t use


New! Get NPM in the Cloud for Mac, PC and tablet.

Now, you can use any laptop, desktop, tablet (IOS, Android or Windows) or Chromebook, together with a standard internet connection to access NPM.


With the cloud there's no need to involve IT support, so your practice could be running NPM within hours. Click The Cloud  to find out more

Parkers Place, Cambridge.
Parkers Place, Cambridge.
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