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Help for existing users wishing to work from home

All deployments of Noveos Practice Manager have options for home working.


We have prepared detailed information for anyone wishing to use Noveos Practice Manager from home or a remote location on our help site.


You can access the help site directly from the Help > On line help menu in NPM in all current versions, or via


You will need your system's serial number to login when accessing outside the application. This is shown on the About screen - or feel free to contact us for assistance.


Getting support during the current Coronavirus crisis

Our support continues normally with all staff able to work from home.


Please use e-mail to your normal e-mail contact as the primary means of requesting support, or use the form available here.


Our phone lines on 01747 830919 are working as usual but ring groups are altered so calls may take a little longer to get answered - apologies in advance if you experience any delay.

Parkers Place, Cambridge.
Parkers Place, Cambridge.
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