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Cloud for Mac


Noveos Practice Manager - Cloud is a new option designed to allow Mac-based practices the same access to the NPM suite as PC practices, whether you have a 100% Mac setup, or a mixture of Macs and PCs. 


NPM in the Cloud offers these advantages to Mac users:

·         Access from anywhere – particularly suitable for geographically-dispersed offices or mixed home and office-based practices

·         100% Mac- no emulators or virtualised machines. And no PC required!

·         No need for the expense of maintaining and ‘future-proofing’ associated hardware

·         Pay only as long as you need the system

·         Instantly change the number of users you pay for as the practice changes 

·         Use our shared cloud server, or have us create a dedicated one of your own

·         Easily scale to accommodate growth – cloud servers can be reconfigured within minutes to increase computing power


System Requirements

·         Any Mac laptop or desktop

·         Reasonable internet access speeds, e.g.,

- Infinity (or similar 20mbs service) will provide outstanding performance

- 8mb broadband will perform as if NPM was installed on a local server.

- 2mb broadband will be perform like 8mb much of the time, but will be susceptible to impact from other computer services using the connection. 


Next Steps

Go to Prices and Getting Started to find out how get NPM on your practice Macs within hours.

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