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These are the key areas where your practice will benefit from Noveos software

Cost control:  Keeping on top of costs is fundamental to maintaining margins on fixed-fee projects, but this is often easier said than done. Noveos real-time project dashboard and automated alerts, however, make it easy to be aware of out-of-control costs.


Cost recovery: Unforeseen but chargeable additional work often goes unrecovered because it's difficult to identify and justify. Noveos has features that make flagging and identifying these costs easy, backing this with the detail that will make their recovery much more likely to be successful.


Cash flow: Noveos delivers tools and collated information that will mean you produce accurate invoices in record time.  Earlier invoices and fewer delays associated with customer queries mean you will get earlier and more predictable payments.


Team involvement and accountability:  Empowering the team to perform at its best means providing access to the information appropriate to the individual's position in the practice. Noveos can not only store all your project information - providing instant hierarchical levels of access - but also delivers tailorable alerts and dashboards that enable staff to monitor their own performance, together with those they manage.


Bidding and Fee Proposals:  Setting bids and fees with confidence comes from comparison with results on prior similar projects. Noveos brings historic project information to life through its reporting and analysis features, making this comparison quick and easy. The software will soon become key to commercial decision-making and the avoidance of previous costly mistakes.


Client service and relationship: Your practice can issue comprehensive project activity summaries drawn from NPM in a client-friendly format, and they will value the fact that you can keep them right up-to-date at all times.


Better use of time:  Noveos removes the mundane processes of collation, calculation, cross-referencing, double entry and manual errors, and the tracking down of information that is so common with spreadsheet or paper-based systems. No longer will valuable time be wasted on tasks that can and should be automated.


We back these benefits with our guarantee:

If your practice does not see substantial improvements within 6 months in operational areas such as cash flow, project profitability, and visibility of information across the practice, we will refund the initial purchase cost of the software.

Folly Lane, Blandford St Mary
Folly Lane, Blandford St Mary
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