Our Users

Throughout our 25-year history we have put our users at the centre of our business. Their changing needs and priorities are what drive the development of our software.

By listening to them closely we have ensured Noveos Practice Manager, and now Noveos Practice Director, meet the requirements of each individual practice as closely as if they written especially for them. Our software speaks their language, follows their processes and provides the clearest picture of their performance.

Existing Users

Software Updates

June 2024

Our next major release (2024.2) is complete and being provided to early adopter practices. This release provides significant advancements in resource planning, among a range of other feature improvements. 

The update will be provided to all users soon. If you would like to discuss receiving an early update then please contact us.

March 2024

The latest major release (2024.1) is available for all users. We encourage all users to apply the latest update, all subscription and support packages include this update.

Some of the latest improvements in 2024.1 are listed below:

  • All lists (we call them grids) include new options and fields designed to encourage you to ditch external spreadsheets and use your input in NPM to the maximum, eliminating duplication and errors – and save time!
  • A new charting function for built in graphical reporting.
  • Improvements across all Invoicing workflows. Whether using batch invoicing or through Interactive invoicing our focus on streamlining operation while adding more options has created the most efficient yet flexible invoicing facilities available anywhere.
  • Improved Xero integration now with support for multiple Xero organisations (companies) and import of invoices from Xero into NPM.
  • No more report updates – the system automatically collects what’s needed when the report is used.
  • All editions now include our 'Excel link' – allowing you to use NPM data directly in Excel and refresh this on demand. A powerful alternative to system reports that leverages local skills in Excel for advanced analysis.
  • Behind the scenes technologies have been fully updated to take advantage of the latest advances in Windows and protects your investment by maximizing future compatibility.
  • New tools integrated to help us assist you more effectively.
  • A one step update to our newly expanded Noveos Practice Director application.

Full guidance on applying the update can be found on our client help site. If you would like to discuss the feature upgrades in the latest release or have any queries relating to applying the update then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

April 2023

After an intensive period of development our latest generation of cloud servers and web client for Noveos Practice Manager and Noveos Practice Director were deployed to all cloud users in April 2023. ​Our latest cloud offering improves on our existing options. Our users can choose the solution that best meets their needs; whether that is a location installation, cloud hosting or full web browser access for both PC and Mac.


All subscriptions include comprehensive support. To obtain support please visit the dedicated help site accessed from the Help menu in Noveos Practice Manager/Director or ask your question directly on our help desk.


Feedback from our users has made our software the comprehensive solution it is today. We always welcome feedback or feature suggestions.